Acrylics Enhancements with Tips

Acrylic Extensions with Tips $85

Acrylic French/Ombre Extensions with Tips $115

We recommend Acrylic enhancements with tips for clients who would like to have extended nails for one off special occasions, who do not want to wear acrylic nails for long term use.

* this is one set price for any length

Sculpted Enhancements with forms


Acrylic/PolyGel Sculpted Extension

+ length up to 2 $105

+ length 2-3 $115

+ length 4-6 $125
+ length 6-8 $135

+ length 8-13  $145 (extreme length)


​This enhancement would be suited for someone wanting to add length, strength and durability for their nails. And longer term wearing Acrylic Clients.

* nail length size is based on our enailcouture forms.

Nails Add On

+ custom feature nails/ nail art - price varies per nail

+ encapsulated nails varies 

Acrylic/PolGel French/Ombre 

Extension add $30 


Enhancement Removal Only $35

Nail Repairs

Acrylic/PolyGel nail repair with gel polish

$12.50 per nail
Acrylic/PolyGel French/Ombre nail repair $15 per nail




- 3 weeks $75

- 4 weeks $85

- 5 weeks $95

- 6 weeks -New Set

This treatment is suitable between two to three weeks after the initial application of the full set enhancement. 

* please note we do not do back fills over work from other nail salons.


Natural Nails Overlay

Acrylic/PolyGel Overlay on Natural Nails $80

Acrylic/PolyGel French/Ombre Overlay $110

This enhancement would be suited for someone wanting strength and durability for their nails at the current length. 


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